Should we undertake peer observations in our setting?

Peer observations provide opportunities to support you and your staff team, professionally and personally. They are a valuable tool in developing practice in your setting and ensure that quality interactions between children and staff support learning and development.

Peer observations contribute to the continued personal and professional development programme (CPPD) that you have in place for your practitioners. The leadership and management judgment can include comments on the effectiveness of this in your Ofsted. Monitoring and evaluation of your staff teams practice will ensure that you recognise the effectiveness of interactions with children and how you support and promote the learning and development opportunities for children.

We can advise and support you to introduce, undertake and evaluate peer observations.  Where together we identify that the quality of practice is weak, we can work together to talk about what has been observed and how to bring about improvement. We can support you to manage feedback to the practitioner about the quality of practice observed. Providers who have introduced peer observations are more confident in addressing issues. This will benefit you and your staff team when taking up the opportunity of ‘joint observations’ that are carried out with an Ofsted inspector.

Peer observations can also be used to jointly observe individual children and discuss their learning, progress and behaviour.  This effective method assesses the practitioners understanding of different levels of development and abilities of the child they are a key person for. This includes a further discussion about what the child has learnt and what the next steps in their learning might be.

We can provide a service that

  • ensures you make the most of peer observations
  • ensures you liaise with your staff team effectively to improve your service
  • ensures you evaluate the effectiveness of adult – child interactions
  • ensures you have a deeper understanding of peer observations in order to feel confident in joint observations with Ofsted. 
  • ensures you reflect and plan for continuous personal and professional development

We can also advise and support you with formats for undertaking peer observations and methods of tracking CPPD. It is important to remember that peer observations are most effective when undertaken regularly. All staff, including the manager and senior practitioners can benefit from peer observations. Let us advise and support you to take this method of evaluating practice a step further for you and your staff team.

This offer will include a FREE CONSULTATION visit, a one – one session with you or the manager, an opportunity to take part in a joint observation, time with your senior team and a further visit of support. 

In addition, we can also provide full day training, twilight sessions, evenings and weekends, to suit you and your team.

Our personal touch ensures all training is beneficial and cost-effective.

 If the above is not what you are looking for, just GET IN TOUCH and we can develop advice and support to meet your needs. Please remember our training packages are designed to be highly effective and offer good value for money.  Our pricing structure is based on the number of children you provide for. Please contact us for more details and we will be happy to advise you further.

We are a small but busy team! Please contact us by email initially to allow us to respond efficiently to your enquiry.