Should we complete the self-evaluation (SEF) form?

Evaluating the quality of your early years provision and making sure you continually improve is key to the success of your service. The official Ofsted self-evaluation form  (SEF) is optional for providers on the Early Years Register. Providers may record their ‘self-evaluation’ in a different form, such as taking part in a quality assurance system. 

Self-evaluation needs to focus on improving your setting so that it meets the high standards and provides quality experiences for children. The Ofsted early years self-evaluation form ensures you evaluate your practice against the current judgements Ofsted inspectors make. 

Before an inspection the inspector will have access to, and review, your SEF (if it is available). This may give useful details about the provision and will help them plan their inspection. 

We can provide a service that

  • ensures you access the self- evaluation form
  • ensures you liaise with your children, parents, staff team and other stakeholders to improve your service
  • ensures you evaluate professionally 
  • ensures you have a deeper understanding of the three Ofsted judgments 
  • ensures you reflect and plan for effective change
  • ensures you complete and make available to Ofsted your SEF
  • ensures you have a plan to update your SEF regularly and amend with confidence

This offer will include a FREE CONSULTATION visit, a one – one session with you or the manager, preparation for your SEF, time with your senior team and a further visit of support. 

In addition, we can also provide full day training, twilight sessions, evenings and weekends, to suit you and your team.

Our personal touch ensures all training is beneficial and cost-effective.

 If the above is not what you are looking for, just GET IN TOUCH and we can develop advice and support to meet your needs.

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