Should we use a mystery shopper?

At Orange Caterpillar we believe in a culture of continuous improvement. We recognise that one way to do this is by enlisting the services of a ‘mystery shopper’.

Many types of business employ mystery shoppers. Their research enables managers and owners to have a different viewpoint about levels of service, customer satisfaction and that the company image or ‘ethos’ is being portrayed in the desired manner. In using a mystery shopper to visit your Early Years Setting, you will reach a fuller understanding of your provision. How your prospective parents view you, how staff engage with adults and children and how your environment meets the needs of the children and parents you provide for. We can help you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers. The level and quality of the service you deliver is vital to your success. Parents who have unsatisfactory experience will not complain...they will just never come back.
Dissatisfied parents are likely to tell many others about their experience. Parents dictate whether your setting will succeed or fail...whether you will be profitable or not.

We will work with you to identify what you need your ‘mystery shopper’ to research. Having a clear idea of what information you need, enables you to plan appropriately as part of your self-evaluation. We can look at

  • The parent experience
  • How staff engage with adults and children
  • How your environment supports learning and development

Mystery shopping can provide you with a means of identifying things that you are doing well and areas that you can improve on.  We can support you to make effective changes using our ‘easy to use’ action and development plan.

We have a range of simple, believable scenarios that will ensure that your mystery shopper experience is as believable as possible.

Normal fee for mystery shopper includes telephone consultation, mystery shopper visit, emailed short report, verbal feedback and written action and development plan.

 £350 -£450 (depending on your requirements and size of setting).

Stop Press fee (available for short time only) –

£175 - £225 !!!
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