Should we introduce on-line journals in our setting?

The possibility of creating a learning journal online has been around for some years now. There are many systems that have been developed and they all are very different. Systems are being ‘tweaked’ all the time and early years providers continue to contribute to systems ongoing growth and development. They offer ‘user friendly’ systems and come ‘pre-loaded’ with templates for observations, assessments and planning. They reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014). 

Should we complete the self-evaluation (SEF) form?

Evaluating the quality of your early years provision and making sure you continually improve is key to the success of your service. The official Ofsted self-evaluation form  (SEF) is optional for providers on the Early Years Register. Providers may record their ‘self-evaluation’ in a different form, such as taking part in a quality assurance system. 

Should we use a mystery shopper?

At Orange Caterpillar we believe in a culture of continuous improvement. We recognise that one way to do this is by enlisting the services of a ‘mystery shopper’.

Many types of business employ mystery shoppers. Their research enables managers and owners to have a different viewpoint about levels of service, customer satisfaction and that the company image or ‘ethos’ is being portrayed in the desired manner.

Why Orange Caterpillar

We wanted a ‘catchy’ name – one that can easily be remembered and passed on!

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, it represents stimulation, success, creativity, and determination. Orange exudes enthusiasm and excitement!